What is interior design? And what is the coordination of the decoration?

Many people may wonder what interior design is, and there may be some who have never heard of interior design, so interior design is how and how to deal and create creativity in the interior space of a place, whether it is a room, hall, or even the whole house.
So the designer and decor coordinator creates an ideal spirit and atmosphere for the place through his experience in this field, and the foundations he studied so that he can design the interior and coordinate the décor, for example:
By choosing a paint color that matches the colors of the curtains, as well as the color and texture of the carpet, and finally, choosing brushes that match all these surrounding things.
Putting aesthetic touches as a kind of interior decoration for the place, for example, putting some paintings that add a beautiful touch, and placing that painting will not be random, but rather based on the foundations of interior design and coordinating the decoration.
This painting is chosen with precision and art to attract the attention of visitors and all those coming to the place, which is what distinguishes this type of art, as it selects all the internal content with great wisdom and care.
The interior design also works to exploit and use any empty space in the place carefully, and in an attractive way, that helps the atmosphere of fun, entertainment and relaxation in the living rooms, salons and boards, to give enough energy to withstand the hardships of daily life.
It also works to create the right atmosphere to work in office rooms in order to be able to cope with and complete the work, and to design and build the appropriate atmosphere in the bedrooms for psychological and physical comfort, which is what the science of interior design and coordination of decoration provides to us.
The most important foundations of interior design and decorating coordination
The art of interior design: the designer or artist builds elements that are homogeneous with each other, for example the two types most commonly used and used by people, modern design and classic designs, so the artist works to give the place the appropriate elements of the old and classic atmosphere with advanced and sophisticated elements so that the two fit together in a professional way. .
Avoid complicated things: The designer should not choose complex designs, which some may not understand, and others may see them as inappropriate for the atmosphere of the home or the place to be decorated.
Putting entertainment touches: by putting things that bring joy and joy by putting some beautiful decorations, or using roses and candles in the house, or using an attractive piece of art in the place that draws the eye and calms the nerves.
Bringing furniture and furniture that fit the place: The designer and artist choose furniture and luggage that matches the interior decoration of the villa or home, so that the place becomes more attractive, relaxing the souls.
Taking into account the owner’s personal taste: the designer has to design and coordinate the decor according to the owner’s taste, in order to suit him and his nature, so the designer presents the best designs, in the way that the owner deems suitable for him.
Balancing the contents of the place: the designer and artist must know how to weigh things with each other and combine them in an attractive way, so that all the contents of the room are complementary to each other, giving you the feeling that if any of these components are lacking, the place will become incomplete and feel the presence of a shortage and a great disparity.
Coordination of colors: The designer works on coordinating the colors by using colors that complement each other, or using the same color in different shades that fit the place and attract the eyes.
Colors give spirit and joy to the place: Choosing the right color for every part of the house, the color gives joy and a special atmosphere for every part of the house, so it was necessary to choose the right color in every part of the house according to its use.
By following these principles, you can create the best designs and formats for different tastes and people.