Prayer Room at Your House

The aim of decorating the interior of the prayer room is to create of feeling remembering Allah. The most challenge for the designer is to avoid the wasteful as well the negative impact to the clients. However, the decoration of a prayer room is being discussed by some Islamic scholars, the same way for those who highly decorated mosques. Therefore, decoration helps to transfer the pace

Embellishment as mentioned by those Islamic Art scholars has served several functions. That function embellishment gives a certain impact on the users of the prayer room. The positive impact such as create the feeling of Tawhid be a good reason for applied ornamentation in the praying room. On another side, the negative effect which can not be expatriate will exist due to some extravagant decoration in the prayer room 

Interior design always reflects the soul of the designer. Furthermore, the designer can show the smallest details of the design and trying to mix the modern and historical style to let the clients feeling the design