Villa/ Deniz İstanbul

Design period: 2 days
Date: 6/24/2020
Project: Majlis within a residential villa
Location: İstanbul-Türkiye
Project name: deniz İstanbul
Design style: classic
Client: private
Tasks: design

Design Story:

During our work on the villa project, which is distinguished in terms of location and space with our esteemed client, who was looking forward to designing a space that reflects luxury and tranquility together, and after listening to his ideas and requirements, we used the classic style using warm colors in the furniture that are consistent in terms of design and general shape with the materials of marble cladding Used in the floors, the addition of bas-reliefs was an element of attraction in the general surroundings of the space.

The addition of golden elements in the furniture and wall designs was a collection and unification of the entire space. Despite the presence of our client outside the country, we were able to meet all his requirements and desires and reach the best form of design successfully.